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A DUI Lawyer Walnut Creek Explains Events After You’re Arrested

Posted by Blackie Burak | Mar 26, 2019 | 0 Comments

If you have been arrested for DUI, a DUI lawyer Walnut Creek can explain that process that lies in front of you. Review this information and discuss any questions or concerns with your lawyer.

At the Arrest

Most arrests for DUI come without any warning. Often, defendants are not represented by a DUI lawyer Walnut Creek at the time of arrest.


After your arrest, you will be booked. This means that your information will be put into the criminal system describing you and your charge. You will likely be photographed and fingerprinted. Be prepared to answer questions about your identity, residence, and immigration status. You may also be asked employment-related questions. Your criminal record will also likely be searched. While this process is ongoing, the prosecutor prepares charging documents.


In some instances, a defendant may be granted station house bail or released with a summons to return to court. However, a DUI lawyer Walnut Creek can explain that in most cases, the defendant waits in jail until a court hearing that is held briefly after his or her arrest. The defendant is then taken to court. You may be asked questions by a bail agency to help the court determine whether you are suitable to be released on bail if you do not pose a threat to the community. A representative will also try to establish your ties to the community.

Minor Offenses

If you were only guilty of a minor offense, law enforcement can choose instead to issue you a citation, appearance ticket, or appearance ticket. This helps eliminate having to go through the entire booking and arrest process.

Legal Assistance from a DUI Lawyer Walnut Creek

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