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A Napa County Creek DUI Law Firm Attorney Discusses Prosecutor Response

Napa-County-Creek-DUI-law-firm-300x200In this blog, an experienced Napa County Creek DUI law firm discusses the points that a prosecuting attorney might make at your DUI trial.

YoUnderstood the Tests

It will be the prosecution’s stance that any sobriety tests were demonstrated to you and that the procedures were explained to you with sufficient clarity that there could be no question of your understanding what was expected of you. In other words, the prosecution proceeds on the premise that the police officer provided clear and accurate instructions and modeled the required actions to you so that there is no possibility of misunderstanding.

Expert Witnesses
The opposing counsel will want to establish a relationship between your performance on the field sobriety tests and the level of alcohol present in your blood. So that this relationship can be demonstrated to a jury, the attorney for the prosecution will very probably call a witness who is experienced in drawing these correlations and has conducted similar studies in the past. This person’s testimony, based on his or her professional expertise, is intended to reinforce the prosecutor’s position.

Non-Expert Testimony
In the same vein, the prosecution will wish to discredit statements from non-professionals such as friends or relatives of yours who offer testimony concerning your performance on the tests. They will be questioned concerning their degree of expertise in this area. Since it is unlikely that they will possess such experience, their testimony is discounted when placed beside that of an expert in the field or an experienced police officer.

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