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A Napa County Creek DUI Lawyer Addresses Handwriting, Hand Pat And Coin Tests

Napa-County-Creek-DUI-300x199In this blog, a Napa County Creek DUI lawyer takes a look at some non-standardized field sobriety tests.

Writing Analysis
It has been determined through one scientific study that handwriting is altered when alcohol is present in any concentration. It must be taken into consideration, however, that alcohol is not the only factor that can cause these alterations. Subsequent research has indicated that although change was observed in writing samples taken from men and women before and after consumption, the change was insufficient to serve as a means of calculating the level of alcohol present in the blood.

One Hand Pats The Other
The subject is required to extend one hand palm up, placing the other on top of it palm down. The upper hand is turned over and over and pats the lower hand after each rotation gaining speed as the test continues. The subject must keep this motion going until instructed by the officer that the test has been concluded. The problem with this test is that it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain clean, precise motions as the hands move with increasing rapidity. There is a tendency to mix up the motions or err in some other manner. There is little if any research that supports its efficacy.

Coin Pick-Up
In this test, coins are placed on the hood of the subject’s car and the subject is required to pick them up one-handedly. While this test is does not require a subject to bend over or stand on one foot, thus making it less likely to cause pain to people with leg or back injuries, it also has little evidence to support its effectiveness. It is not a test in common use.

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