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A Walnut Creek DUI Lawyer Explains Psychology of Influence

Posted by Blackie Burak | Mar 25, 2019 | 0 Comments

There are six principles that your Napa County Creek DUI lawyer can employ to influence a jury.

This blog lists and explains what these are.

The Six Principles and Their Applications

The six tenets that make up the primary means of influencing others are powerful instruments in the hands of a skilled Napa County DUI law firm attorney. They have long been the subject of research for use in a variety of fields including sales, marketing and fundraising as well as law. They are:

  • Reciprocation, or “I'll help you if you help me.” Essentially, reciprocation boils down to returning a favor for a favor. In other words, a gift given deserves one in return;
  • Scarcity, or “We're the only ones who…” People often like to believe that they're being trusted with information that has not been shared with others;
  • Authority, or “This comes from an well-known expert.” Someone who has gathered expertise or extensive credentials in a specific field carries the weight of their experience with them and is therefore more credible and more likely to be believed;
  • Consistency, or “That's not what you said before.” Points become more believable when they are maintained. Someone whose remarks contradict themselves will lose credibility with a jury;
  • Consensus, or “Nine out of ten people believe…” If most people think it, then their agreed-upon opinions can be extremely persuasive, especially to someone who is wavering; and
  • Liking, or “I wouldn't do this for anyone else but I like you.” We all like to help people for whom we feel some degree of sympathy or friendliness.

You Are Not Without Recourse

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