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A rosy complexion could be mistaken for drunkenness

Napa-County-Creek-DUI-Attorney-300x245According to a Napa County Creek DUI attorney, there are plenty of innocent reasons that a person’s face could appear flushed. However, a police officer may list a ruddy complexion as an indication of your intoxication among other things such as slurred speech or an unsteady gait.

Even for those who normally do not have a flushed or rosy face, there are several other explanations for a red face such as heightened emotions, makeup, rash or sunburn. It is not unusual for someone who feels angry, nervous or upset to blush, and being stopped by a police officer can cause someone to feel any of these emotions. Many drivers feel nervous, angry or upset when they are being scrutinized by a police officer.

Your Napa County Creek DUI attorney might observe the police officer during cross-examination to see whether he or she ever becomes uncomfortable. If a Napa County DUI lawyer notices the officer blushing due to embarrassment or discomfort, he or she may take the opportunity to point out that sober individuals may have a red-faced appearance for reasons other than intoxication. This may raise reasonable doubt in the minds of jurors or the judge. If the jury has any reason to doubt that you were intoxicated, it may decide to acquit you.

A Napa County Creek DUI attorney may review your case with you and help you with every phase of your DUI case from your initial appearance to the trial. To discuss your pending DUI case, call the offices of Blackie Burak at 1-866-BLCKDUI or 925.933.4500.

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