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Bad Jurors

Napa-County-Creek-DUI-attorney3-300x199If you and your Napa County Creek DUI attorney have decided to go forward with a trial, he or she may explain the important role of jurors. Additionally, your Napa County Creek DUI attorney will attempt to weed out any bad jurors who may be biased against you during the voir dire process.

Previous DUI Charges
For example, your Napa County Creek DUI attorney will explain that individuals who have their own prior convictions of DUI-related offenses who did not proceed to trial may be biased against you. If this juror had a previous DUI charge or arrest that was disposed of without a trial, he or she may believe that you are guilty simply because he or she was. Additionally, this type of juror may believe that you are wasting time since they took a deal. Alternatively, this juror may believe that the case involves something more significant because a first DUI offense may not be perceived by this person as being a big deal.

High-Mileage Drivers
Additionally, your Napa County DUI lawyer can explain that truck drivers and other commercial drivers may harbor prejudice against DUI defendants.

Law Enforcement Officers
Individuals who work in some legal capacity or as a uniformed profession such as a paramedic or firefighter may also be biased. These individuals tend to work around law enforcement officers and may generally favor them over an anonymous person of the public.

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