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The Devil’s Advocate | East Bay Express

Walnut Creek attorney Blackie Burak stopped by his downtown office just long enough to retrieve his organizer and pick up a few phone messages. He’d just returned from the airport after spending the morning in Susanville with a new client, and the afternoon ahead of him looked like a wall… Read More

Common Child Support Issues In A Divorce Case

Supporting the children is the primary duty of both parents and its importance remains the same whether the parents are living together or not. A blessing such as a child should be taken care of and raised in an appropriate manner until they reach adulthood. However, not all families survive… Read More

Finding The Best Criminal Defense Lawyer For Your Case

Being investigated for any crime is a highly serious matter. After all, you stand to lose so much if you are found guilty and go through sentencing. Whether your crimes are for drug possession, theft, assault, white collar crimes or something like sexting under child pornography and sexual exploitation laws,… Read More

Determining Pain And Suffering In A Vehicle Accident

A pain and suffering claim is allowed in most states when being in a car accident or any accident. Since pain and suffering is not a damage that can really be calculated, it can sometimes prove difficult to claim. It is not something that can be seen by another person… Read More

Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have recently been arrested and charged with a crime, you may have been minding your own business only to later find yourself locked in a jail cell wondering how you got there. Perhaps you were pulled over by a police officer for a routine traffic stop such as… Read More

Premises Liability: Who Is Responsible?

People visiting and entering your property have reasonable expectations of not suffering injury. This is why you are responsible for maintaining a safe environment on your property. This is what is meant by “premises liability.” If someone delivering a package slips and falls on your driveway, he or she can… Read More

Lawsuit Recognition Through Online Advertisement

One of the most difficult things for a law firm and attorney is success. There would be tons of duties and tasks that are required for you to fulfil in order to be successful. Since being successful is the main key, marketing of the attorney is also tremendously important when… Read More

Our Walnut Creek DUI Lawyer Addresses Taking the Stand in Your Case

Some of our clients ask our Walnut Creek DUI lawyer if they will need to take the stand in their case. No one can force you to testify in your own defense. Since the prosecution will cross-examine you if you do decide to testify, you should discuss your options with… Read More

Our Walnut Creek DUI Attorney Discusses Anonymous Informants

If you are facing trial, a Walnut Creek DUI attorney may be able to offer you the representation you need. Anonymous informants are an often misunderstood yet important component to many DUI cases. Courts across the United States have differed on whether DUI stops based on tips from anonymous witnesses… Read More

How Your Napa DUI Lawyer May Use Reciprocation with the Jury

There are many strategies your Napa DUI lawyer may use when you take your case to trial. One of these is a psychological principle called the idea of reciprocation. Reciprocation refers to a give-and-take between the person offering a concession and the other party involved. In the context of a… Read More