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Client Testimonials

“I used Blackie for a DUI defense in 1997. He did everything in his power to help me through it, and I was completely satisfied. He was a competent professional throughout the process. Then, just recently, I called on him again to help me with a misdemeanor violation. He helped me out again in court, this time w/o charge! I can’t express how grateful I am to him. I would highly recommend Blackie to anyone who needs the services of an attorney.”


“Mr. Blackie Burak is a highly reputable and seasoned attorney and is worth contracting his services…especially for a DUI / DWI.
I will not go into great detail about my case; however, I will state that he was able to reduce the sentence and was able to negotiate waiving my work / jail time (there is a 2 day mandatory minimum in Jail for first time DUI offenders or a Sheriff Work Program) and Blackie was able to communicate that I served time in Martinez during the initial ‘booking process’ which was a fairly extensive amount of time and therefore I was able to receive credit for that time vs having to reserve the time in jail or to lose 2 days of work with the ‘work program’.
In closing, EXPERIENCE COUNTS…that’s why I contracted Blackie and am very glad that I did. Thank you, Mr. Burak for all your help!”

A DUI & DWI Client

“I received a DUI charge at 18. Besides calming me down, which I can’t express how much that meant, he won the DMV hearing. He later consulted with the DA and charges were never filed. Also, during that time his assistant took many calls from me and was very helpful. Over a year later I was back in Court for a misdemeanor. I wasn’t represented and Mr Burak happened to be in the Courtroom on another case. I didn’t know that he handles other criminal matters besides DUI. He stepped in on my behalf and will continue to represent me without charge. He’s also taking the time to really talk with me. I couldn’t ask for a better attorney.”

A DUI & DWI Client

“Mr Blackie Burak is my hero. I got a DUI in Siskiyou County. I live in SF Bay area. After having a terrible experience with a first attorney I hired who gave me only lip service, I was directed to Mr. Burak. From our first meeting he impressed me by his wealth of knowledge in this field. He is a very straight shooter and he gained my trust. He agreed to take my case even though it required 5-6 hours of driving each way for any court appearance. Luckily he has a single engine plane and he likes to fly, so it made it a bit easier to travel. However when we had to go to trail and I could not drive because of my ongoing health issues, he drove me with his car back and forth several times. He is extremely kind but he is tough in the court room. When he is fighting in your corner, he is a “tough guy from streets of Philadelphia” where he is from, who does not give up on a fight.
He is honest and trustworthy. He has a very caring assistant, Jane, who is very compassionate and caring and she kept me well informed and maintained a line of communication with Blackie at all times. I have nothing but exceptional respect for Mr Burak and his team. I recommend him without any hesitation. He was able to get the best outcome for my case under the circumstances.

I am grateful for his efforts.”


“I retained Blackie as my attorney and it was the best decision I could have made. I had no idea at the time that I was going to get the best possible outcome to my case. When you appear in court, you have to sit through other cases before it’s your turn. This allows you to get a very good feel of how the court and judge respects other attorneys. I was not aware when I retained Blackie of the level of respect he had amongst his peers. Many other attorneys approached Blackis for advise on their cases as we wait in the hallways before court starts. Most importantly he had the respect from the Judge and DA. This level of respect far exceeded anything any other attorney received. No doubt my case went so well because of the history and respect Blackie earned in the courtroom over his career. Blackie minimized my time needed for this case. His office took care of all the paperwork involved in dealing with the court. His pricing was in line with other attorneys. Blackie is a Marine that served his country and now he can serve you. You have a big decision to make when picking an attorney, so don’t blow it, your life is worth it. My case has been over for 30 days and I still can’t wipe the smile off my face.”


“My 18 year old son made a very stupid mistake and was facing serious penalties. With Blackie’s help and a small miracle, he did his time and got out just in time to start his first year of College. That would NEVER have happened without Blackie! Thank you Thank you Thank you Blackie! I would highly recommend using him in any situation. Our situation was MUCH more complicated than a DUI.”


“About a year ago, I was charged with DUI in a rural Northern California county. Initially, I hired a local “rural attorney” in the area in which I faced charges, but after thinking about it long and hard, I remembered a situation over 15 years ago where I had also jumped the gun and hired an attorney in a similar matter over Mr. Burak (who I had also interviewed at the time).
Back then, my previous attorney had urged me to strike a plea bargain, and not fight my case even though I thought I could prevail. That attorney convinced me to plead so quickly, that the DMV hearing which is typical of these cases hadn’t even been heard yet. After firing the first attorney, I went back to Mr, Burak, who prevailed in the DMV hearing. Had I consulted him before going to court with the other attorney, I might well have won my case or had charges dismissed, which unfortunately stuck around on my record for 10 years.
This time, I resigned to myself that I would not make the same mistake. After time in jail, people (including me) tend to make rash decisions and not think through cause and effect, as well as desired outcomes, and the sacrifices to get to those outcomes. Because the “rural attorney” had a non refundable clause in his contract, and I had already paid, I forfeited my retainer with him and elected to use Mr. Burak hoping for the best possible outcome. Little did I know, it would actually come to be.
After initially losing the DMV hearing with Mr. Burak (I had prevailed 15 years ago with Mr. Burak) I began to worry. Mr. Burak calmed my fears as much as possible, and stood beside me, allowing me to make all the decisions, while concisely informing me of the possible outcomes. This particular county apparently does not offer many reasonable plea bargains and my case was no different. We had several pre-trial hearings in the year leading up to what would inevitably be a full jury trial.
My trial began as many others, with jury selection in a small court house in the middle of nowhere. I noticed another review that says that Mr. Burak was not communicative to them during their experience. I would like to say that his communication style is different. You must trust him, and I wouldn’t have walked into that court room with him if I didn’t. I didn’t know his strategies, what he would say, how he would act, or anything else even at the start of trial. But win or lose, I knew he would fight for me, and would do his best. And that he did…
I won’t get into specifics of the trial, as it lasted over 2 full days, and the prosecution called 5 witnesses, to our 2 (myself and a great expert), but at the end of day 2 when I sat down to hear the verdict, I still did not know what to expect. The people of the jury found me NOT GUILTY on both counts (21352 A & B of the vehicle code). That was several weeks ago, and I am still “happy as a clam”. Even if I would have been found guilty by the jury, I would still write this review for Mr. Burak. He is simply the best at what he does!


PS-I was told by one of the bailiffs at the end of the trial, that the “rural attorney” has not brought any of his DUI cases to trial (ever), and always has them enter into plea agreements or plead guilty. Common sense paid off.”

A Satisfied Client

“I wasn’t driving but was arrested for a DUI. Innocent until proven guilty; Mr. Burak made sure that the jury understood my innocence. If found guilty not only myself but my entire family’s life would have changed for the worst. There is no beating around the bush with this man, a Marine Veteran that gets strait to the point addressing the facts; with you and everyone involved. I’m sure there are many attorneys that just go through the motions as if in an assembly line but not him. He is very knowledgeable and takes a huge amount of pride in his representation.”

A Satisfied Client