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If you have recently been arrested and charged with a crime, you may have been minding your own business only to later find yourself locked in a jail cell wondering how you got there. Perhaps you were pulled over by a police officer for a routine traffic stop such as speeding or running a stop sign, after which the officer suspected you of committing a criminal offense and then placed you under arrest. Regardless of the circumstances of your arrest, you have legal rights in the state of California and only an experienced and skilled criminal defense attorney  can enforce and protect these rights for you.

The types of crimes a person can be charged with are numerous, and no matter what your specific charges may be, you need to be aware of the possible consequences so you can take active measures to prevent them, starting with hiring a  criminal defense attorney. Depending upon the type of crime charged and your criminal history, you could possibly face time in jail or prison, fines, probation, community service, and more. DUI Lawyers, can help clients facing all types of criminal charges, including the following:

– DUI (driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs)

– Drug Crimes such as possession, sales, trafficking, distribution

– Sex Offenses such as sexual assault, rape, child sexual abuse, prostitution, lewd acts

– Theft Crimes such as robbery, shoplifting, petty theft, grand theft

– White Collar Crimes such as fraud, extortion, money laundering, embezzlement

– Juvenile Crimes such as underage drinking, vandalism, theft, and other delinquency crimes

– Computer & Internet Crimes such as identity theft, credit card fraud, child pornography

– Violent Crimes such as armed robbery, assault, battery, manslaughter, murder

When faced with these kinds of charges, you must retain representation from a criminal defense lawyer if you want to have a fair chance of overcoming your charges. The odds of beating criminal charges significantly improve once a person has an outstanding attorney handling their case.

When choosing the lawyer to handle your case, you will want to go with someone who not only has experience in criminal defense, but who also have other useful skills and qualities. A criminal Defense Attorney , we are retired judges who have formerly worked as prosecutors, two positions which greatly influence the successes we enjoy today as defense attorneys. With these other careers under their belts, they have a much broader view of the law and see cases from all angles. They can predict the moves of prosecuting attorneys and take active measures to prepare effective defense strategies to combat these moves. Thanks to our unique backgrounds and our wide range of legal experience, we bring to the table a set of skills and knowledge will directly benefit you and your criminal case. This article is by Payam Shayani – a premier Los Angeles personal injury attorney.

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