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Criminal Defense Overview

Northern California Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you have been charged with any criminal offense, whether a misdemeanor or felony, it is important to consider the long-term consequences. Seek legal advice to determine your best course of action and how to minimize the effects of a criminal charge on your family, your career and your future.
At my northern California law office, I defend individuals against any type of criminal charge. I was certified as a Criminal Law Specialist by the State Bar of California in 1983. Only attorneys who have demonstrated knowledge, experience and skill can obtain the certification. I am attorney Blackie Burak, and I have been practicing law for nearly 40 years. I am known as a lawyer who gets results for clients. Whether I am able to have your charges dismissed or obtain a reduced penalty depends on the case, but clients should know that I will fight for their rights at every stage of a criminal proceeding.
Contact my Walnut Creek, California, law office toll free at 1-866-BLCKDUI for a free consultation to discuss the case. Whether you've already been charged or think you are being investigated, it's important to get started on your defense as soon as possible. Call a criminal defense lawyer today.
Whatever the Criminal Charge, I Can Help
I have successfully helped people fight charges such as these:

  • DUI / DWI and felony DUI
  • Juvenile crimes
  • Sex crimes such as rape, sexual assault, lewd and lascivious behavior, and possession of child pornography
  • Violent crimes such as assault, armed robbery, murder and manslaughter
  • Property crimes such as burglary, vandalism and arson
  • White collar crimes such as fraud, bribery and theft
  • Traffic offenses such as speeding, reckless driving, hit and run, stop sign violations or driving while license suspended

Fighting for You, Your Rights and Your Future
I negotiate with prosecutors for reduced or dismissed charges and help ensure that the police used correct procedures when assembling the evidence against you. When we agree that I will serve as your defense lawyer, you can be sure that I will force the prosecution to prove its case. Additionally, I will find and use any mitigating circumstances that can help the prosecutor understand the need for reduced penalties. While I can make no guarantees, you can be confident that your case will be handled with professionalism and dedication.

Contact my northern California law office for an aggressive criminal defense. Call me toll free at 1-866-BLCKDUI to learn how I can help you. And if you can't come to my office, my pilot's license and my V-Tail Bonanza will allow me to fly to you to begin working on your behalf.

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