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What Steps Should I Take When Facing Domestic Violence Charges?

It is like any other criminal case, if it is a misdemeanor, you will be arrested. They will put you in jail, because most likely the bail is too high. The next step is the arraignment, this is when you enter a plea, and you are set for trial. It is the same steps as in any other case. The main thing is to retain representation right away; you do not want to handle this yourself. These can be complicated cases, and you need someone who is experienced in these kinds of cases.

How Do You Advise Clients That Want To Plead Guilty To Domestic Violence Charges?

If my clients are amenable to counseling, and the injuries are not serious, they can usually work out some arrangement to resolve the case early on. A lot of it depends on the other party, are they willing to work on it? Many times, it just ends in a flat out separation or divorce. It just depends on whether the couples want to work it out or not.

What Are The Long Term Consequences Of Having A Domestic Violence Conviction On Record?

Of course, it does not look good on your record if you are convicted of a domestic violence crime. Once convicted of this crime, you are no longer allowed to bear arms. This ban on owning firearms lasts anywhere from five to ten years, and most people do not realize that, and that is I think, one of the main long-term effects in this situation.

What Are The Potential Defense Strategies Used In Domestic Violence Cases?

A self-defense strategy is very common in these cases. Most people will say, “Oh, I was just protecting myself, or defending myself”. That is very common, which brings up the possibility of finding evidence. Maybe the person attacked a person prior to this event, which brings up the issue on whether you can find any facts from earlier evidence, and generally, you can, on the self-defense issue. Another reason why you do not want to handle this case yourself, you need an experienced attorney.

Why Is It Necessary To Retain An Experienced Attorney To Handle A Domestic Violence Case?

There is a lifetime ban on weapons. In some cases, they do not even have to be convicted of the actual domestic violence charge, but if you are convicted and the basis of that related charge was domestic violence, even if it is not stated in the actual charge, you can still lose your right to own any firearms. The charges look bad on anyone's record, but sometimes you can get the charges lowered to show simple battery instead of a spousal type battery. This is one of several reasons why you need an experienced lawyer; they can walk you through your case. If you go to trial, you cannot do that without a lawyer, and that is just judicial suicide.

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