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DUI Attorney Concord CA Discusses Alcohol Tolerance

car key in a wine glass,concept of drunk driver

car key in a wine glass,concept of drunk driver

DUI attorneys Concord CA residents trust routinely encounter criminal defendants who have higher than normal tolerance to alcohol. In many cases our clients were legally drunk because of their BAC level but were not obviously impaired when pulled over and arrested. In fact, many people who have high tolerance to alcohol may have no physical symptoms of intoxication. Of course, high tolerance is no reason to drive under any circumstances, and there are numerous factors that come into play if you have been pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving or for other traffic offenses. It is important to realize that even if you don’t appear to be obviously intoxicated, a police officer can easily detect the odor of alcohol on your breath or person. At that point, they will conduct field sobriety tests such as a gaze nastygmus test that will give away your condition. After being arrested, you should contact a DUI attorney in Concord CA right away.

Legal Impairment Versus Physical Impairment

Just because you felt sober enough to drive and do not seem impaired does not mean that you cannot be charged with a DUI. You may have a high tolerance for alcohol but in reality, your ability to drink large amounts without obvious symptoms is caused by desensitization. In other words, your blood alcohol level (BAC) is very elevated, but you simply don’t feel it. Legally you are drunk even if your physical ability to drive a car, ride a bike or drive a boat is not compromised. There is a great deal of science that figures into alcohol tolerance and the evidence used to build a legal case against you. At The Law Office of Black Burak, our DUI attorneys in Concord CA stay updateD on the latest scientific and technical principles that affect DUI prosecutions.

Call a DUI Attorney Concord CA for a Consultation

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding your arrest, our DUI attorneys Concord CA can help. We have years of experience advocating for clients in unusual circumstances, including cases related to high alcohol tolerance. Blackie Burak is a well-respected DUI attorney Concord CA with a proven track record of winning tough cases. Call (925) 933-4500 to discuss your case.

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