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DUI Attorney Concord CA Discusses Reasonable Suspicion

Posted by Blackie Burak | Mar 26, 2019 | 0 Comments

If you have been caught driving while under the influence, or charged with driving under the influence, contact your DUI attorney Concord CA immediately for a consultation. A DUI can greatly impact your life, especially if you do not have a skilled professional representing you. The following information from your DUI attorney Concord CA discusses reasonable suspicion and if there was a violation that led to the police pulling you over. If you have any further questions after reading the provided information, contact your DUI attorney Concord CA for a consultation.

Was There Reasonable Suspicion for Your DUI Arrest?

In order for a police officer to legally pull you over, there needs to be reasonable suspicion for you to be stopped. There must be certain transgressions that you make in order for the police officer to pull you over. The traffic violations will depend on what the laws are in your state. The first question that your DUI attorney will ask is why you were pulled over.

Was a Traffic Violation Observed by the Police Officer Who Stopped You?

In some cases a police officer does not need to witness a traffic violation in order to stop you. However in the case of a DUI, there must be a violation witnessed first. In most cases, a driver who is under the influence is stopped because they have committed a traffic violation in front of the police officer. A past ruling by the United State Supreme Court had determined that it is not legal for a police officer to stop a vehicle for the purpose of performing a check of their license and registration. In the case that was brought to the United States Supreme Court, the police officer testified that he had pulled the car over not because they were violating a traffic law, but because the officer had nothing better to do at the moment. The Supreme Court ruled that this was not a legal stop. Even while in your vehicle, your Fourth Amendment rights still apply. You have the right to not be subjected to an illegal search and seizure. Being detained for no reason other than a license or registration check can be considered a violation of your Fourth Amendment rights. While it is a fact that police officers in the field need to make quick decision, the stop for your DUI still needs to be considered legal. Your DUI attorney will do their best to determine that your stop was done lawfully. If not, the circumstances of the stop will be presented to the court during your trial.

Consult a DUI Attorney Concord CA

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