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DUI Defense Lawyer Napa County Offers Advice Regarding Biased Jurors

Napa-County-Creek-DUI-attorney3-300x199During a DUI case, your DUI defense lawyer Napa County will want to assess each juror to determine if they will be favorably disposed toward your case. A person’s life experiences and beliefs will greatly impact their position and the possible verdict in the case. Your lawyer will focus on dismissing certain individuals from jury duty because they are likely to be biased against you.

Anti-alcohol Views

Some individuals believe that drinking any amount of alcohol before getting behind the wheel is wrong, whether because of religious views or their own personal experiences. These people could lean toward a verdict of guilty simply because of this. Your lawyer will use a barrage of questions to uncover the opinions of any biased jurors.

Sample Questions

Your defense attorney might use some of the following questions:

  • Do you think it is wrong to drink and drive at all?
  • Would you hold this view if you were a politician?
  • Do you think that another person should try to change your views?
  • Do you think that you will change your views on this topic?
  • Would you be upset with me if I argued with you that it was okay to drink and drive?

These questions can help confirm the potential juror’s dogmatic approach to a defendant who faces DUI charges.

How a DUI Defense Lawyer Napa County Can Help

Our DUI defense attorney Napa County can discuss jury selection with you in order to seek the most favorable outcome in your case. Call the Law Office Of Blackie Burak at (925) 933-4500 for help with your case today.

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