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Napa-County-Creek-DUI-attorney1-300x200One of the strategies that your Walnut Creek DUI law firm will use in your case is to develop a theme. This theme can help inform a jury of what you plan to show and how this theme should result in your acquittal. Your Walnut Creek DUI law firm may raise this theme at every potential opportunity.

Concentrating on Your Theme

Once your Walnut Creek DUI attorney informs the jury of your theme, he or she will try to convince the jury that this theme presents the only questions that are relevant in the case and these issues should make you win. In order to accomplish this goal, the Walnut Creek DUI law firm that represents you will attempt to weave this theme through every critical point in your trial, including during jury selection.

Presenting the Theme During Jury Selection

Jury selection represents the first time that your attorney will have an opportunity to persuade jurors of your theme and that this theme is compelling.

Sample Questions

If the theme of your case is that a faulty machine was the cause of your arrest, your attorney might ask the following questions:

  • What type of information would you like to have before you decide to take a breath test from this machine?
  • Would you like to hear evidence about potential problems and malfunctions that occur with this particular testing machine if you were selected as a juror?
  • Do you believe that this kind of information should be considered by a reasonable person in the determination of whether the defendant should be found guilty or not guilty?

If you would like to discuss your theme, contact Blackie Burak at 1-866-BLCKDUI.

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