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Multiple Offenses and Felony DUI

A Strong Defense in High Stakes DUI Cases

Walnut Creek DUI Lawyer Discusses Multiple Offenses & Felony DUI

It is critical that you get legal representation immediately if you are facing a second or third drunk driving charge or have been charged with felony DUI. The stakes in such matters are extremely high. Your career, your family and your future may hang in the balance. When you take on such a battle, it is necessary to find a Walnut Creek DUI lawyer who will be able to help you.

At my Walnut Creek, California, law firm, I aggressively defend clients charged with multiple offense and felony DUI. I am attorney Blackie Burak, and have been practicing law for nearly 40 years. If we agree that I will become your lawyer, my pilot's license and my V-Tail Bonanza will allow me to fly to you, wherever you are in northern or central California.

If you have been charged with a felony or multiple offense DUI, get the defense help you need. Contact me, Blackie Burak, toll-free at 1-866-BLCKDUI for a free consultation about your case.

Consequences of Felony or Multiple Offense DUI

In addition to having your license suspended or revoked, you will probably face a jail or prison sentence, hefty fines and damage to your reputation. Judges take these charges very seriously and often impose sentences significantly longer than the mandatory minimum of 10 days for a second offense or 120 days for the third offense.

Felony DUI Defense

A prosecutor may charge you with felony DUI if you caused death or injury to another, if you have had more than three DUI convictions in 10 years or if you already have one felony DUI charge within the last 10 years. My track record in such cases is solid; prosecutors know that I will force them to prove each case.

Strategies for DUI With Injuries

I have often been able to convince the state to use misdemeanor rather than felony charges. I force the prosecution's lawyers to prove that the driving was reckless. I make them demonstrate that the measurement of a client's blood alcohol content was accurate.

Strategies for Multiple Offense DUI

I have frequently argued that previous DUI convictions were invalid so that clients can avoid the consequences of multiple DUI convictions. I have developed proposals for home detention and residential treatment programs instead of serving a jail sentence. Steering wheel locking and ignition interlock devises are being increasingly used. Ankle bracelets that detect alcohol use are also becoming more and more popular as alternatives to jail.

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