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Out of State and Foreign County DUI Consequences

What Happens if I Am Convicted of DUI / DWI Out of State?

If you are a licensed California driver and you are convicted of a DUI in another jurisdiction (state or country), that jurisdiction will notify the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) of the conviction. This can result in a license suspension unless you comply with California law. Usually this means completing a DMV approved alcohol school.
Similarly, if you are an out of state licensed driver and get a DUI in California, California will notify the appropriate agency in your home state. What happens then is up to that state — you may experience no consequences at all, or you may have your license revoked. It depends on the specific situation.
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Going to Canada?

I am not licensed to practice law in Canada so the following is not advice or statement of opinion but only what my colleagues and I have experienced when clients have attempted to enter Canada. You are urged to hire a Canadian attorney for advice and representation if you are charged with drunk driving across the border.
In general, anyone convicted of a felony offense in the United States, including any DWI conviction, may not be able to enter Canada. However, there are ways to enter Canada legally after a DUI conviction:

  • Deemed rehabilitation — You may be determined to be rehabilitated if you only have one conviction and the offense occurred over 10 years ago. You can apply for this status at your port of entry.
  • Streamlined rehabilitation — If you have two or fewer convictions and the offense occurred over 5 years ago, you can apply for streamlined rehabilitation at your port of entry.
  • Before going to Canada, contact the Canadian Consulate. They have a procedure for granting admission so that you don't get a nasty surprise at the border.

Did You Get a DUI in Canada?

A blood alcohol level of .08 is the legal point of intoxication in Canada. Refusing a breath test is considered a crime. An individual who is convicted of drunk driving may not be able to return to Canada without a pardon and may be subject to deportation if in the country.

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