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Steering Wheel Locking Devices

DUI Defense Lawyer Napa County Discusses Ignition Interlock Devices (IID)

Steering wheel locking devices, or ignition interlock devices (IID), are frequently used to prevent drivers convicted of DUI from driving while drunk. The courts will often require the installation of such a device when permitting an individual to obtain a restricted license after a DUI conviction. More and more counties are requiring these devices, even in first offender cases.

Information About Steering Wheel Locking Devices

These devices are installed under the instrument panel inn your car. You are required to blow into the device before starting the car. If your breath contains alcohol, the car will not start. If the device indicates that you have tried to start or drive the car with alcohol on your breath multiple times, you may face additional penalties
I am attorney Blackie Burak and have been defending clients against DUI /DWI charges for nearly 40 years. I use my experience and my in-depth knowledge to ensure that penalties, such as the required use of an IID, are fair and properly administered.
If you have been convicted of DUI and are having problems with a required steering wheel locking device,contact me toll free at 1-866-BLCKDUI for a free consultation. If I become your attorney, I will make sure that any problems arising from malfunction of the IID are challenged. From my office in Walnut Creek, California, I can use mypilot's license and my V-Tail Bonanza to visit you wherever you are.

Reasons for Installing an IID

The DMV may require it as a condition of reinstating your driver's license early. In addition, the second is that the court may require it as a condition of reducing penalties. In some instances, it may be possible to have the device removed before the time expires. I can advise you about your options.

Examples of IID Problems

If you are facing additional sanctions because of an IID report, contact a knowledgeable drunk driving defense lawyer. There are many reasons that the device may malfunction. Improper calibration of the device, use of mouthwash or certain medications, improper installation or other issues may cause the device to record the alcohol content of your breath incorrectly.

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If you installed a steering wheel locking device as part of a DUI conviction or restoration of restricted driving privileges, contact me, attorney Blackie Burak, for assistance with any problems arising from the use of the device. Call my law office toll free at 1-866-BLCKDUI to learn how I can help you address increased penalties or work to have the device removed.

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