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Wine Country Warnings

Defending You Against DUI / DWI Charges in Wine Country

“Arrive on Vacation, Leave on Probation”

Be very careful while dining or wine tasting in Napa and Sonoma Counties. It is no joke that Napa's County motto is “arrive on vacation, leave on probation.” Police officers in wine country patrol restaurants and wineries looking for reasons to stop unsuspecting tourists. They will often assume you've been drinking — and drinking too much — just because your car is leaving one of our many beautiful wineries. This is not a proper use of law enforcement resources, nor is it reasonable cause to perform a traffic stop.
I have been successfully defending people against DUI / DWI charges for almost 40 years, and am well aware of law enforcement strategies in California's wine country. I know that visitors are sitting ducks for police officers who often take advantage of people's lack of familiarity with California law and with the region in general.
If you have been arrested for drunk driving in California's wine country, don't wait to contact an experienced DUI defense lawyer. Learn how I can defend you. Contact my Walnut Creek law office online or call toll free at 1-866-BLCKDUI for a free consultation.

Everyone Is Entitled to a Defense Against DUI Charges

In no way am I advocating drunk driving. I know that driving under the influence of alcohol causes countless injuries and deaths every year. However, I know first-hand that those who have visited wineries in the area are police targets and are often treated unfairly. No matter what, these individuals are entitled to a vigorous DUI defense that protects their rights when the legal system is unscrupulously pursuing them.

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