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Facts Checklist Following a DUI Arrest

Posted by Blackie Burak | Mar 25, 2019 | 0 Comments

The following checklist of important facts can prepare you for answering questions that you're likely to be asked upon initially consulting a Walnut Creek DUI attorney. The attorney will use this information to begin preparing a defense on your behalf.

Your DUI Arrest

  • Did an officer search your car? Did he or she find anything?
  • At what point were you informed that you were under arrest?
  • Was a photo, videotape or audiotape made of your stop?
  • Were you placed in handcuffs?
  • Did the officer read you your Miranda rights?
  • Did you ask for a Walnut Creek DUI attorney?
  • Did you stay silent or waive your rights?

Your Health at the Time of Your Arrest

  • How much sleep had you had over the prior two days?
  • Had you been taking medicine recently?
  • Were you dieting around that time?
  • Do you suffer from inner-ear or balance issues?
  • Do you have COPD, GERD or frequent heartburn?
  • Do you suffer from any physical disabilities?
  • Do you suffer from any mental health problems?
  • Have you ever experienced a head injury?
  • Do you have a blood disease, a liver disease or diabetes?

Your Breath Test

  • How many breath samples did you give?
  • Was your breathing interrupted by the operator at any time?
  • Were you given a breath test on more than one machine?
  • Did you regurgitate or burp while being observed?
  • Were you required to hold your breath at all prior to blowing?
  • Did you struggle to provide a sample?

Additional Questions

  • Did you post bond?
  • How many officers were involved in the process?
  • Can you provide any of the officers' names?
  • Do you have a prior criminal history?

By being prepared to provide this information to a Walnut Creek DUI lawyer, you will be ahead of the game. Don't go without legal representation following a DUI arrest. It's crucial to retain an experienced Walnut Creek DUI attorney. Call Blackie Burak at 1-866-BLCKDUI or (925) 933-4500 now.

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