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Finding The Best Criminal Defense Lawyer For Your Case

Posted by Blackie Burak | Mar 26, 2019 | 0 Comments

Being investigated for any crime is a highly serious matter. After all, you stand to lose so much if you are found guilty and go through sentencing. Whether your crimes are for drug possession, theft, assault, white collar crimes or something like sexting under child pornography and sexual exploitation laws, you need serious and aggressive criminal defense.

Your criminal defense lawyer must be able to answer all of your questions. Some of those important questions include:

  • Will I face time in jail or prison?
  • Will I be ordered to serve probation?
  • How will my charges affect my work?
  • Do I lose rights as a citizen, if I receive a guilty verdict?
  • What legal defense do I have for my charges?
  • Does my case have to go to trial?

In the United States, you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. You can prove yourself not guilty of your charges, with an aggressive and highly experienced criminal defense lawyer. In Arizona, call the criminal defense experts of DM Cantor for your case consultation.

Finding the Right Criminal Defense Attorney

Just like you, your case is unique. So you need a criminal defense lawyer able to see the unique angles of your situation and the charges you face. Many lawyers instead aim to represent as many clients as they can. With so many clients on a roster, nobody's unique needs are met. Instead, that results in a cookie-cutter approach to criminal defense.

You need legal representation by criminal defense lawyers who care about your future. Your outcome must matter to them.

To find the right criminal defense lawyer for your needs, that lawyer must first take the time to get to know you. They need the facts of your case, before telling you they can help you. You need an attorney willing put work into your case and pay attention to the details toward the best possible results. Your freedom and other important aspects of your life are on the line.

To find this lawyer for your case, first ask your family and friends if they know of a good criminal defense lawyer for your case. Do a Google search to learn about the prospects for your case. Read reviews from past clients. Check their website and see if they provide information benefitting the public on their site.

As you review materials and information about a criminal defense attorney find answers to some of these questions:

  • How long has the attorney practiced in criminal defense?
  • How long has the lawyer or law firm operated in Arizona?
  • Do they specify practicing “criminal law” as a specialized focus?
  • Do they seem eager to educate the public about the state law?
  • Does the lawyer sound like someone who will push hard for your rights?

Make the First Call to a Prospective Criminal Defense Lawyer

Your next step after narrowing your field of attorneys is to make a phone call to the one you think fits you best. In that call, consider these questions to decide if they are the right fit:

  • Did you easily reach them by phone?
  • Is the phone reception friendly and eager?
  • Did you only speak to a receptionist, or is an actual lawyer going to call you?

It is hard for attorneys to be available right when you call on the phone. Many times they are in court and cannot control their own schedule for client convenience. But, you should always receive a timely call back from the criminal defense lawyer. Meanwhile, the paralegal on the law firm's team, one assigned to your case, should be available to talk with you.

After this initial phone connection and if the attorney calls you back, you should gain a good idea as to whether the criminal defense lawyer has interest in representing you. If you feel good about the connection, your next step is to meet with that lawyer in person in his or her office. That meeting also helps you understand whether this criminal defense lawyer is the right fit.

Having the Right Criminal Defense Lawyer Is Critical

For a criminal case, your freedom is likely on the line. You need a lawyer you trust, one who is a well-established expert in your state's criminal laws. The criminal defense lawyers work hard for their clients, aggressively pushing for the best possible outcome in each case.

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