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One of the few specialists in DUI/DWI defense that has also been certified by the California State Bar Association as a Criminal Law specialist.

DUI / DWI Defense in Walnut Creek, California

My law firm, The Law Office of Blackie Burak, is different. First, as a Walnut Creek DUI attorney, I focus almost exclusively on DUI / DWI defense law. Second, I am a solo practitioner so every client receives my personal attention. I have the flexibility to serve you wherever you may be in northern or central California. Even in rural locations, I will defend you against a DUI/DWI charge. I use my pilot's license and my V-Tail Bonanza to visit clients throughout the region when necessary.
Third, I'm one of the most highly experienced and frequently cited DUI / DWI attorneys in central and northern California. I was one of the founding members and past president of the California Deuce Defenders Association, an organization of lawyers devoted to the aggressive defense of persons accused of driving while intoxicated. I obtained the first not-guilty verdict in the Bay Area after the new .08 blood alcohol level threshold was put in place, making the consequences of drinking and driving even more severe than ever. In my nearly 40 years in practice, I have been able to show juries, judges and law enforcement personnel that their evidence has been insufficient, inconsistent or illegally obtained. The late Ed Kuwatch, author of California Drunk Driving Law, called me “one of the best trial lawyers in California.”

Protecting Your Constitutional Rights

I receive many referrals from legal professionals throughout the court system. I am the last to advocate drinking and driving. I know how dangerous drunk driving can be, especially to innocent third parties. However, people who are accused often get treated unfairly unless they have strong legal advocacy. I am passionate about protecting the constitutional rights of persons accused of any criminal offense.

Firm Details

I can also represent and appear for out-of-state or foreign clients with DUI arrests in California. The firm accepts credit cards and offers a free initial consultation for the convenience of clients.

Northern and Central California DUI Defense

There are many excellent DUI attorneys in northern California but few practice in the rural counties. I have represented clients in practically every county in California. I charge no additional travel costs for these visits should we decide to work together on your DUI / DWI defense.
I am one of the most frequently quoted and called-upon DUI defense attorneys in the area. Law enforcement officials know my reputation for having evidence suppressed and for aggressively examining police officers in court. Judges know that I am effective, persuasive and prepared when I step into the courtroom. If you want to know who the good lawyers are, ask the court staff (bailiffs and clerks).

Nearly 40 Years of DUI / DWI Defense Experience

At The Law Office of Blackie Burak, I can advise you about any issue related to DWI / DUI defense and help you understand your options. In the nearly 40 years that I've been defending clients against DUI charges, the changes in this area of the law have been dramatic. However, I have never let stricter laws get in the way of my clients' right to a fair defense. I won the first “not guilty” jury verdict in the Bay Area under the new .08 per se law.

Don't Delay — Contact My Law Firm

We urge anyone who has been cited for driving under the influence of alcohol to get a reputable defense attorney right away. Contact Blackie Burak, drunk driving defense lawyer, no matter where you are or where you were driving. We will discuss what it takes to retain me for proven DUI / DWI representation. The stakes are high. Your driving record and your future hang in the balance, and finding a Walnut Creek DUI Attorney to represent you can mean the difference between success and failure.

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