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What Are Some Forms Of Emotional Abuse Towards An Elderly?

Posted by Blackie Burak | Mar 26, 2019 | 0 Comments

Emotional abuse is just one of the many forms of abuse that can occur towards an elderly person. Emotional abuse can sometimes be more harmful than physical abuse itself and can leave a negative imprint on a person's mind. An elder person is more susceptible to have a low self-esteem and be greatly affected by an abuser. In fact, any form of abuse that an elder person endures will increase their chances of dying at a quicker rate.

The main concern of abuse towards the elderly is that it is often unreported and only about 10% of all abuse cases are ever brought forth. What happens to the other 90% of abuse cases? The elder person has to continue living and enduring the abuse that is being exhibited by their perpetrator.  Miami elderly abuse attorneys have seen the many negative effects that abuse towards an elderly can have first-hand, including emotional abuse.

Emotional abuse is often done with verbal acts that work on causing the elderly person mental anguish. This can serve as a method to control them and have them living in fear so that they do not report the abuse that is taking place. Emotional abuse can be difficult to see because there is usually no physical evidence present, although changes in behavior can be an indication that emotional abuse is taking place. The only person/s that would be able to notice this change would be the family and friends that regularly visit the elderly person.

Forms of Emotional Abuse Towards the Elderly

These are some of the common emotional abuses that the elderly tend to endure:

Degradation through verbal means: When a person is degraded, they often feel a lack of self-worth and experience extreme emotional trauma. Degradation can often lead to thoughts of suicide. Some examples of degradation including insulting, making sarcastic remarks, and screaming or yelling at the elderly person.

Threatening: Threatening is a stronger form of degradation. It occurs when intimidation by verbal means is used to benefit the abuser while harming the elderly person. Some examples of threatening include saying they will hurt them, they will hurt someone they love, and even as far as saying that they will take away their life.

Manipulation: A manipulation is an act that works on controlling in the individual. With the elderly, they usually will be in need of someone to care for them to be able to perform their daily activities like bathing and even eating. The caregivers can manipulate the elderly by stating that they will not help them perform their daily tasks. This is considered emotional manipulation.

Seclusion: Seclusion happens when they are left to the side. The elder person is either prohibited from seeing their friends or family, are not spoken too, or have their needs complete ignored. A basic need is having the ability to socialize.

Emotional Abuse Can Be More Harmful Than Physical Abuse

An elder person can suffer extensive damage when they go through emotional abuse. No one deserves to be abused, especially not someone that might not be physically healthy. Personal injury lawyers in Miami want to obtain a positive outcome for their clients and have justice work its course against the abuser.

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