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How a Defense Attorney Will Deal With the Negativity Surrounding a DUI Case

Walnut-Creek-DUI-law-firm1-300x200An attorney from the Walnut Creek DUI law firm will explain what will be done to improve a defendant’s negative profile during a drunk driving trial.

A Walnut Creek DUI Lawyer Will Try to Rehabilitate the Defendant’s Image
In most instances, it is understood that a defendant who has been accused of DUI will have trouble garnering sympathy from a jury. The reasons for this are that the defendant has been charged with a crime that is stigmatized and, often, defendants are not showing likability or charisma. Therefore, a task for the defense lawyer is to present a positive image of the defendant.

Other Challenges for the Defense Lawyer
In addition to the inherent unpopularity of a person who is accused of committing a DUI, the attorney must also deal with the following problems when trying to get an acquittal:

  1. Jurors often have positive feelings about law enforcement officers and will give their testimony more weight than that of the witnesses for the defense or defendant;
  2. The prosecution will usually have chemical test results to show that the driver was committing a DUI; and
  3. The law is often tilted toward the prosecution’s case.

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