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How a DUI Defense Attorney Will Explain Failure of Field Sobriety Tests

Walnut-Creek-DUI-attorney-300x199A strategy your Walnut Creek DUI attorney might employ in your case is to call the results of the field sobriety tests into question based on a myriad of factors.

There Might Be Legitimate Reasons for a Bad Performance on the Tests

Not everyone is able to complete the field sobriety tests adequately to avoid appearing intoxicated. There could be various factors such as poor coordination, being fatigued or stressed that lead to poor performance. In preparing your defense, your Walnut Creek DUI lawyer might point out numerous reasons other than intoxication for a poor result on the horizontal gaze nystagmus test.

The Officer Might Have Given Difficult Instructions in a Narrow Time Frame

In many cases, the officer will only demonstrate how the tests should be conducted one time and for between fifteen or fewer seconds. A person is expected to remember all the instructions and then perform. When giving the closing statement, it could be pointed out how you were still able to complete the field sobriety tests reasonably well in spite of the short time the officer spent giving instructions. Turning the tables, it could also be pointed out how hard it was for the jury to remember the instructions.

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