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Information Your Attorney Will Request for Your Blood or Urine Case

Walnut-Creek-DUI-lawyer3-300x199If you provided blood or urine during your DUI arrest, the attorney you work with at the Walnut Creek DUI law firm will request a lot of information from you regarding the process. Be prepared to provide your Walnut Creek DUI lawyer with the following information:

  • The results of your sample or samples.
  • Records that document accuracy checks that were performed on vials purchased from manufacturers.
  • A copy of the run list, which outlines the samples and controls that were tested, and the order in which they were tested.
  • Your sample’s chain of custody.
  • A portion of the urine or blood sample that you provided, which is often referred to as a split.
  • Notes, or bench notes, that the analyst made at the time of the analysis.
  • A review of the vial in which your sample was stored.
  • The checklist or instructions that were followed for the blood draw or urine sample.
  • The methodology that was used by the lab when analyzing your sample.
  • Three months’ worth of maintenance records for the device that was used to measure your sample.
  • Records of proficiency tests performed by independent organizations, or internally, regarding the lab and analyst.
  • Tests that were performed to ensure that other compounds weren’t inadvertently analyzed as ethanol.
  • Chromatograms of the tests of your samples.

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