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Instances Where Anonymous Tips of DUI Were Deemed Unlawful

Napa-County-Creek-DUI-law-firm-21-e1415032372133A Walnut Creek DUI attorney can provide examples of instances in which police making a DUI stop based on tips made anonymously were found to be unlawful.

Examples of Cases in Which the DUI Stop Made Due to an Anonymous Tip Was Declared Unlawful

  1. A person in Texas contacted law enforcement stating that a red pickup truck was sighted heading south in a lane in which traffic was heading north. The location, trustworthiness and name of the tipster were unknown. The court deemed the tip unlawful as an anonymous tip alone rarely gives the officer just cause to make a stop.
  2. In Georgia, the tip that was provided didn’t provide justification for an officer to make a traffic stop to investigate a DUI. There was no information to indicate that the caller was being truthful and there was no foundation for the tipster’s predictions as to what would happen with the alleged drunk driver.
  3. In Indiana, there was a combination of factors rendering the tip unlawful. The information provided stated that there was a reckless driver. The dispatcher knew who the caller was, but the information wasn’t verified. The stop was declared illegal because there was no way for the officer to know the identity of the caller nor the intent of the call.

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