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Making a Good Impression on the Jury

Napa-County-Creek-DUI-law-2Your Napa County Creek DUI law firm can explain that voir dire is the first time that your attorney has to meet the jury. Therefore, this is the optimal time for your Napa County Creek DUI law firm to make a good impression on the jury.

Voir Dire Process

Voir dire is a process in which your Napa County DUI attorney, the prosecutor and maybe the judge ask prospective jurors about their backgrounds and any personal biases that may cloud their judgment before a jury is selected to serve. The attorney from your Napa County Creek DUI law firm will be able to ask that a certain number of jurors be removed from the potential pool of jurors who can be selected.

Reasons for Select Questions

Seasoned attorneys may inform jurors of the reasons why they are asking certain questions. They may help them understand that their questions are very important to the case and that jurors must feel comfortable with their role. For these reasons, it is pivotal that the defense lawyer know how jurors feel about certain subjects in order to meet his or her obligations to the client.

Structure of Questions

Questions to jurors should be clear, easy to understand and open-ended so that jurors are able to freely communicate and express themselves. An attorney may ask one juror to voice his or her opinion about what another potential juror stated. These questions should not feel intimidating or appear like a cross-examination.

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