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Observations by Police Officers

Napa-County-Creek-DUI-lawyer--300x229Police officers often pull a driver over based on their observations of the way the driver is operating the vehicle. AWalnut Creek DUI lawyer addresses this in the paragraphs below.

Driving Behavior

Normally, a driver is stopped by police because the officer saw him doing something that is inconsistent with the usual behaviors that constitute “good driving.” He or she may stop you because you were driving too fast or were, in the officer’s estimation, “all over the road.” These will be seized upon by the opposition as testimony to your impairment behind the wheel.

What Police Look For

Under the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Detection Guide, officers are trained to look at drivers who:

  • are unable to stay in their own lane,
  • are driving too fast or are unable to stop without difficulty,
  • do not seem to be paying attention to what they’re doing or
  • exhibit poor reasoning or decision-making on the road.

Any one of the above can indicate that a driver is driving under the influence in 35% of cases. As a driver exhibits more of these behaviors, the likelihood that he or she is DUI increases accordingly. It rises to 50% if the driver cannot maintain a reasonably straight line in the lane or crosses the line, and this combined with the other behaviors listed above increases the likelihood to 65%. Someone who drives off the road, swerves the car or speeds up without any reason for doing so shows a likelihood of 70%. Your Walnut Creek DUI attorney will ask for specifics regarding your driving behaviors when building your case, as the percentages above may help you in your defense.

There May Be More

These are only a few of the arguments your Walnut Creek DUI lawyer may be able to advance on your behalf. For representation or more information, call Blackie Burak at 1-866-BLCKDUI or (925) 933-4500 today.

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