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Our DUI Attorney Concord CA Discusses Your Testimony at Trial

Napa-County-Creek-DUI-300x199If you and your DUI attorney Concord CA have decided it’s in your best interest to testify at your DUI trial, you are more than likely anxious regarding your appearance. That’s understandable and quite normal. However, your testimony could well be a major factor in the ultimate resolution of your case; preparation, therefore, is critical.

Don’t Pretend to Be Something You’re Not

The jury will be composed of people just like you who would also be nervous if they were in your shoes. It’s all right to be nervous and, it can work in your favor if you admit it. Jurors can relate.

Listen to the Question

Pay attention and focus. A lot may be going on, and it’s all new to you, but be certain you understand exactly what the question requires of you. If you don’t understand, say so.

Answer Only What Is Asked

Keep your answers simple; avoid the temptation to expand. If your DUI attorney Concord CA feels the need to elicit more information from you, he or she will follow up.

Use Your Interpersonal Skills

Look at individual jurors; if one seems sympathetic, make eye contact. Tell your story without overreacting, but if something made you mad or upset, convey that emotion. Jurors like to hear a story; the more they can connect with you the better.

If You Don’t Know Something, Say So

“I don’t know,” is a perfectly fine answer if it’s the truth.

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The facts of your case are, of course, important, but how you come across to the jury can be the difference in a DUI trial. Learn the best way to present yourself and your case. Call Blackie Burak, a DUI attorney Concord CA, at (925) 933-4500 .

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