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Potential Unreliability of Standardized Field Sobriety Tests

Walnut-Creek-DUI-attorney-300x199Your attorney from the Walnut Creek DUI law firm will explain the potential unreliability of standardized field sobriety tests given during a DUI investigation.

Understanding the Reliability of Field Sobriety Tests

While it’s generally accepted that an elevated level of alcohol in the system can lead to mental and physical impairments that will negatively influence the safe operation of a motor vehicle, non-chemical tests given to determine sobriety are still called into question.

Some of the reasons that the tests are considered unreliable include:

1) An absence of scientific data.

2) Variables from one subject to another.

3) The inability to know how the subject would perform on the tests when sober to provide a baseline.

4) Possible medical issues that could harm performing the test adequately.

5) How the study has been designed.

6) That averages might not be applicable to an individual.

7) If the test is not given or evaluated accurately.

Also, the study of the statistics could be done in a manner that is incompatible with an accurate result. For example, comparing standardized tests to non-standardized tests could cause a problem with analysis.

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