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Reasonable Doubt Regarding Field Sobriety Tests

Napa-County-Creek-DUI-lawyer-2-300x206One of the most incriminating aspects of your DUI case that your Napa County Creek DUI lawyer may warn you about is the result of your field sobriety test. Failure can create a negative inference in the minds of the jury.

About the Tests

Your Napa County Creek DUI lawyer may explain that these tests are coordination tests. They may include such tasks as walking a straight line, putting your finger on your nose or picking up coins on the ground. The police officer may ask you to perform one or more of these tests and may report that you failed all of them.

Problems with These Tests

However, your Napa County Creek DUI lawyer may address problems that often occur with these tests. For example, the test may yield an unreliable result when the test is:

  • performed with poor lighting
  • performed with poor road conditions
  • administered on a person who is upset and frightened

Legal Defense

If the law enforcement officer reported that you failed one or more of these coordination tests, your Napa County DUI attorney will attempt to combat this claim with feasible arguments. For example, he or she may mention the poor conditions that were present at the time of your test, the subjectivity of the test and the physical difficulty of these tests.

If you were told that you failed one or more field sobriety tests and would like assistance with formulating your legal defense, Blackie Burak is available at 1-866-BLCKDUI.

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