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Secure Evidence and Phone Recordings with a Walnut Creek DUI Attorney

Napa-County-Creek-DUI-law-firm-21-e1415032372133After being arrested for DUI, it’s crucial to retain a skilled Walnut Creek DUI attorney right away. The first thing an experienced lawyer will do is ask you to return to the scene where your field sobriety tests took place. Ideally, an investigator from the attorney’s office will accompany you.

Your Walnut Creek DUI Attorney Can Help By Securing the Scene

You and/or the investigator should take photos of the scene in order to preserve it as evidence. Pay special attention to the ground on which you performed your field sobriety tests. They are often conducted on the side of the road or on a sidewalk. Law enforcement typically insists that the ground is level and smooth, that isn’t often the case. Roadsides tend to slant down into ditches, and sidewalks are often sloped to help rain run off properly. Take ample photos of where you performed the tests, and pay attention to lighting in the area as well.

The Importance of Saving Phone Recordings

People are often arrested for DUI late at night. If that was the case with you, you may have reached someone’s voice mail or answering machine. If any recordings exist, secure them immediately. They may reveal that your speech wasn’t slurred at all, and that could blow a huge hole in the prosecution’s case.

Hire a Walnut Creek DUI Lawyer

Many variables come into play when building a strong defense in a DUI case, so it’s important to line up qualified legal representation. Call The Law Office Of Blackie Burak at (925) 933-4500 today.

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