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Slipping during Field Sobriety Tests

Napa-County-Creek-DUI-law-firm-21-e1415032372133If part of the evidence that you anticipate will be used against you is the result of a poor performance on a field sobriety test, your Napa County DUI lawyer may discuss ways that you can combat this information.

Physical Evidence

One way that your Napa County Creek DUI lawyer will suggest opposing a negative test result is to use physical evidence. You and your Napa County Creek DUI lawyer may determine that it is best for you to testify to explain evidence that you have regarding alternative reasons of why you had a BAC. This may result when you have a rising alcohol case and you wish to prove how close in time you consumed alcohol and you have receipts to show exactly when you purchased the alcohol.

Medical Condition

If you fell during a balancing test or walking test because of an underlying physical condition, you and your Napa County DUI attorney may decide that it is best for you to testify about this medical condition. This may result when you have a condition that affects results of a blood, urine, breath or field sobriety test. This may include diabetes, hypoglycemia or GERD. Another condition that might result in a poor test performance is a deformity with a foot or leg. In some situations, your attorney may prefer to limit your testimony to just your physical condition to avoid you being cross-examined about the actual test or arrest.

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