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Strategies for Handling the DUI Arresting Officer

Napa-County-Creek-DUI-law-firm2-300x199As you make your way to your court date, the Napa County Creek DUI law firm that is representing you can explain the process of direct examination and cross examination. Cross examination may occur when an attorney from the Napa County Creek DUI law firm that is representing you questions a witness, such as an arresting officer, that may provide information that is damaging to your case.

Significance of Testimony 

The arresting officer’s testimony will likely represent the first time that you can confront the case against you while in front of the jury. He or she is commonly the first witness that the prosecution will have take the stand. Typically, this officer is one that was present during the entire incident that led to the defendant’s arrest. After this witness, the case will start pointing to a potential outcome—either conviction or acquittal.

Strategies for this Witness

Your Napa County Creek DUI law firm may have a variety of strategies that it employs when handling this particular witness. For example, your Napa County DUI attorney may demonstrate that the officer does not know everything about the case. For example, your attorney may ask about specific details in the police report that the officer may not be as familiar with. Another strategy that your attorney may use is to ask questions that are not in chronological order. This strategy can help the attorney ask questions without the officer knowing where she or she is heading with the questions.

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