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Strong Opening Statements

Attorney-Speaking-to-Jury-78724295-300x200Your Walnut Creek DUI lawyer can explain that one of the most important components of a case is the opening statement. This represents the first real time that your attorney has to present your case and make an impression on the jury. Some jurors may decide their opinion of the case at this time. Later information may only support the jury’s first impression.

Goals during Opening Statements

During an opening statement, a Walnut Creek DUI attorney describes the important parts of the case to the jury. This information is delivered in the perspective of the client as he or she would have seen the events unfold. Additionally, he or she communicates a theme of the case, such as the likely unreliability of a chemical test. The information is tied together like a novel that unfolds in front of the jury. It is important that the jury understand this story and the defendant’s role in the story.

Preparation for Opening Statements

In order for a DUI lawyer to provide an effective opening statement, he or she will likely interview the defendant. He or she may ask the defendant to think back about the conversation that occurred between the defendant and law enforcement officers. He or she may also want the client to explain how the client felt when told that he or she was being arrested. Additionally, the lawyer may ask the client to take the same route as he or she did the day or night of the arrest in order to conjure up more memories.

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