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“Mr. Blackie Burak is a highly reputable and seasoned attorney and is worth contracting his services…especially for a DUI / DWI.
I will not go into great detail about my case; however, I will state that he was able to reduce the sentence and was able to negotiate waiving my work / jail time (there is a 2 day mandatory minimum in Jail for first time DUI offenders or a Sheriff Work Program) and Blackie was able to communicate that I served time in Martinez during the initial ‘booking process’ which was a fairly extensive amount of time and therefore I was able to receive credit for that time vs having to reserve the time in jail or to lose 2 days of work with the ‘work program’.
In closing, EXPERIENCE COUNTS…that’s why I contracted Blackie and am very glad that I did. Thank you, Mr. Burak for all your help!”

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