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The DUI Trial Discussed by a DUI Lawyer Concord CA Residents Trust

DUI-Lawyer-Concord-CA-Our Walnut Creek DUI lawyer knows that taking a DUI case to trial can be a risky option for a defendant, especially when the defendant intends to testify. Anyone who is charged with a crime always has this option, but the accused often fares better in accepting a plea bargain when the state has a strong case. However, when prosecutors are using borderline evidence as a basis for the charge, sometimes taking a case to trial is the most prudent decision. Your Walnut Creek DUI attorney can be instrumental when making this choice, including coaching on what to expect from the prosecution during the trial and how the defense will be crafted.

Positive Outcomes of a Trial

The ultimate outcome of a trial is an acquittal. The defense has input on choosing jurors during the voir dire procedure, so the potential for a sympathetic jury is usually present. Your Walnut Creek DUI attorney can begin evaluating your chances for an acquittal during this process, especially when potential jurors may be favorable to your defense. In many situations, taking a case to trial can also impact the prosecution decision to actually try the case, resulting in offering a case settlement on a reduced charge. Prosecutors want to avoid a trial in most situations, and cases that rely on officer testimony with no acceptable documentation as primary evidence can be a problem for the state.

Negative Outcomes of a Trial

Your Walnut Creek DUI attorney also knows that there is negative outcome potential for any tried cases, including being convicted with a recommendation of a maximum penalty. In addition, the prosecutor will have an opportunity to cross examine the defendant if they choose to testify, and testimonial incrimination could easily be the result. Both attorneys can make opening statements, and your experienced Walnut Creek DUI attorney will make sure to provide a direction for your defense in the statement. Many times, even when the case is prosecuted merely on officer testimony, the final outcome can still be a conviction. But the trial will give your Walnut Creek DUI attorney an opportunity to cast reasonable doubt on the validity of the charges.

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