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The One-Leg Stand Test

field-test-199x300When you retain a Walnut Creek DUI law firm to assist with your DUI case, you will probably discuss any field sobriety test that you were asked to perform during the stop. There are a variety of DUI standardized field sobriety tests.

Standardized Tests

The three standardized tests provided by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are:

  • The horizontal gaze nystagmus
  • The walk and turn
  • The one-leg stand
  • Test Requirements

    An attorney for the Walnut Creek DUI law firm that represents you will likely ask you a series of questions related to this test. Ideal testing conditions require that this test be performed on a surface that is dry, level, hard and not slippery. Additionally, individuals who are 65 or older, 50 pounds overweight or who have a history of back or balance problems are not good candidates for this test. Additionally, individuals who are currently wearing high heels should be allowed to remove them before taking this type of test.

    Scoring the One-Leg Stand Test

    This test consists of four clues of impairment. If two or more clues are indicated, there is a 65 percent chance that the individual has a blood alcohol concentration of over 0.10. The clues include:

  • The subject sways while trying to balance, either from side to side or back to front
  • The subject uses his or her arms to balance more than 6 inches
  • The subject hops
  • The subject puts his or her foot down
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