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Theme of DUI Case Affects Juror Selection

Walnut-Creek-DUI-attorney2-300x200Regardless of the circumstances of your DUI arrest, your ideal jurors will share these three characteristics: they drink alcohol, they drive and they seem to be unbiased and open-minded. Your Walnut Creek DUI attorney won’t stop there, though; he will also want jurors who have characteristics that suit the overall theme of your case.

Basically, your Walnut Creek DUI lawyer will narrow things down to one or two particularly strong points in your favor, and they will form the basis of the theme of your case. A skilled attorney will then keep the theme of your case in mind during jury selection.

Common DUI Defense Themes and Ideal Jurors
Disconnect: One common DUI defense theme is when there appears to be a disconnect between your alleged drinking patterns, the results of your chemical test and the way you performed during standardized field sobriety tests. If your Walnut Creek DUI attorney bases your case around a disconnect theme, he will look for jurors who tend to be skeptics. They believe that machines aren’t always accurate and may feel they “know better” than thermometers or medical doctors.

Improperly Administered Breath Test: If your attorney bases the theme of your case around an improperly administered breath test, he will seek jurors who place a high priority on following procedures. Former members of the military and professionals like accountants tend to fit this mold.

Hire an Experienced Walnut Creek DUI Attorney Right Away
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