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Tips for DUI Discovery of a Blood or Urine Sample

Napa-County-Creek-DUI-attorney4Most DUI cases are proven through the results of blood or urine tests. Our DUI lawyer Napa County reminds clients that they should consider some of the following factors in these cases.

Discovery Considerations in Blood or Urine DUI Cases

Your lawyer will ask for part of the blood or urine sample so they can run independent tests on it. They will also seek these items as part of discovery in a blood or urine DUI case: information on the laboratory and how tests were run on the sample; your sample results; the actual chromatograms of your sample; the results of the control tests; the results of interference or specialty testing; and a copy of what substances were tested. They might also request the maintenance records for the testing device in order to ensure that the device was properly calibrated. In addition, they will ask for the chain of custody for the sample, information about the vial, information about the person who ran the test related to their background, experience and abilities, accuracy checks that were done on any vials and the step-by-step procedure that the phlebotomist or person taking the urine sample used.

A blood or urine sample used to convict someone of DUI could be tainted if the lab or person who ran the tests did not follow proper procedures. If you are looking for a reputable DUI defense attorney Napa County who can challenge these test results, call Blackie Burak. You can reach his office at (925) 933-4500 or 1-866-BLCKDUI.

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