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Using the SODDI Defense in a Walnut Creek DUI Case

Napa-County-Creek-DUI-lawyer5-300x199Your lawyer from the Walnut Creek DUI law firm will explain the “some other dude did it” (SODDI) defense.

How a SODDI Defense Would Work in a DUI Case 


While SODDI is often used in criminal cases, it might still have some basis in a DUI case in the right circumstances. If your Walnut Creek DUI attorney sees that the case was a hit-and-run or the defendant wasn’t actually operating the vehicle at the time of the arrest, your testimony that it was someone else can help the case. The decision not to testify in such a situation will look suspicious to the jury. Since the defense’s claim is that you weren’t driving the car, why not testify? In some instances, another driver or witness can give the SODDI defense. In general, however, you will need to testify. With the SODDI defense, the fact that no one actually witnessed you operating the vehicle can work in your favor. When testifying, credibility is the key. If you provide believable testimony that you weren’t the operator of the vehicle, it can help you gain an acquittal using this particular defense tactic.


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