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Why Defense Attorneys Will Keep from Making Promises to a Jury

Napa-County-Creek-DUI-attorney3-300x199During the opening statement, your attorney from the Walnut Creek DUI law firm will consciously shun making promises.

Your Walnut Creek DUI Attorney Will Not Make Promises That Can’t Be Kept

If a successful defense will be lodged, it is imperative that the jury view the attorney as someone with credibility. Making a promise while giving the opening statement and then failing to keep it will diminish that credibility and likely harm the case, if not outright destroy it. Deception is a profound negative to the defense.

While it might seem to be a good idea at the time to make certain promises based on various facts that will be revealed during the trial, the trial often takes a different road when it begins. The attorney might not have sought to deceive the jury, but that’s how it will appear. An experienced lawyer won’t make any assumptions during a trial. The attorney must provide only facts that can be developed as the case moves forward. Conservatism is better than aggression. Making sure to be cautious is preferable to overdoing promises that are questionable as to whether they’re realistically possible.

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