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Witnesses, Statements and Other Factors in a DUI Case

Napa-County-Creek-DUI-attorney2-300x198When preparing for a defense, a Napa County Creek DUI attorney will have questions about possible witnesses, statements you may have made and other issues that might be a factor in the case.

Your Napa County DUI Lawyer Will Ask You about Potential Witnesses and Statements

It is imperative to come to a determination as to whether or not anyone witnessed you operating the vehicle. A defense that can be presented in your case is that you weren’t driving the vehicle at the time. Any possible witness will need to be spoken to by your lawyer. Regarding statements, if you told the officer how much alcohol you might have had, the amount of time you spent drinking and whether or not you were driving, it can influence your case.

Other Issues That Could Arise

The attorney will want to know what condition you were in at the time you were arrested. This can include how much you had slept in the days prior to the arrest, what you weigh and if you suffer from an illness or disability that might have made you appear intoxicated. If you were taking medication or using drugs, whether they were prescribed or not, this too must be disclosed to the lawyer.

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