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Your DUI Attorney Concord CA Can Explain the Importance of a Case Theme

Posted by Blackie Burak | Mar 26, 2019 | 0 Comments

A DUI attorney Concord CA will help you to develop and present a theme for your case. As in other trials, a DUI case will commence with the prosecution making an opening statement. Then the witnesses will be called and evidence presented. After that, there will be a closing argument. The prosecutor will have the opportunity to lay the foundation of the charges before the defense lawyer even makes an opening statement. While this might seem to be worrisome, it does not mean that your lawyer will need to wait until the closing argument to present your side of the story. In many instances, a jury will have feelings about a DUI case from its outset. A theme that is believable should be developed prior to the trial and, whenever possible, put forth from the time the jury is selected all the way through the trial.

The Development of a Theme for Your DUI Defense

There are DUI defense lawyers who do not try and craft a theme. They choose to formulate an attack on everything about the case. They come up with a number of theories to build reasonable doubt. They will try to dispute any and all pieces of evidence even if it is meaningless in the grand scheme of the case. Every witness will be subject to intense cross-examination. All pieces of evidence will be challenged. When making their closing argument, they will present numerous options to the jury hoping that one will be accepted for reasonable doubt. An attorney with experience will understand that this type of strategy is rarely successful. A useful strategy instead is to find weak spots in the case and exploit them. This can be framed into a believable story with a theme. It should be individualized to your particular case.

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