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Your Walnut Creek DUI Lawyer on the Rules of Testifying

If you choose to testify at your DUI trial, it will be helpful to understand how to do so in a way that is most beneficial to your case. Your Walnut Creek DUI attorneyhas laid out some useful tips below.

Your Behavior
Walnut-Creek-DUI-Attorney-300x200During your testimony, it is understandable that you may be nervous. Regardless of how you are feeling, remember to look up at the jury when you are answering and try to make eye contact with individual jurors.

Your Testimony
Before answering any question, it is crucial that you listen carefully to what was asked of you and then count to three before responding. Answer only that question, keeping your answer precise, simple, and to the point. Do not be shy about expressing emotion or demonstrating when necessary. If you do not know the answer to a question, just be honest that you do not remember or do not know.

Your DUI Trial
The above information will be helpful as you begin to prepare for your DUI trial. It is best, though, to speak with a Walnut Creek DUI attorney about the specifics of your case to ensure that you are completely ready to testify. Blackie Burak is a knowledgeable DUI attorney who can help you as you move forward with your case. Call his office today at 1-866-BLCKDUI or (925) 933-4500 for more information.

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